Welcome to the Immanuel Bach Consort!

Consort in April 2016

Photo by Jo Harney.  Used by permission.

The Immanuel Bach Consort

Dawn Murphy Proctor and Mary Nash Wilson, Soprano
Jacqueline Somers and Katie Meloro, Alto
Robert Davis and Michael Westman, Tenor
Matthew Hearn and Jack Warren Burnam, Bass

Sylvia Ahramjian, Baroque violin
Fred Geiersbach, Baroque flute
Gary Harney, Harpsichord and Director

The Immanuel Bach Consort (IBC) is a professional early music ensemble resident at Immanuel Church on the Green in New Castle, Delaware. Founded by Gary Harney, IBC focuses on the church cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach, singing from editions prepared especially for the ensemble. It is fitting that such a group be resident at Immanuel, since Bach’s cantatas date from the early days of the parish (which was founded in 1689, with the original church built in 1703).

Bach on a Budget

One goal of IBC is to provide editions which present the essence of Bach's works without requiring the use of the orchestra he would have had at his disposal (but which few churches today can employ). The vocal parts of our editions are as they appear in the Neue Bach-Ausgabe; however, the original accompaniment has been reduced (sometimes for organ alone, and sometimes for 1 or 2 obbligato instruments and continuo) to make it more accessible to today's choirs. Information on the editing philosophy and practice used for IBC scores is available on the Scores page of this website. Editions will be added as they are prepared and tested in performance. They are available free of charge for downloading and copying.  Our Bach on a Budget brochure can be downloaded here.

IBC is also delighted to announce that our scores are not only available on the IBC website, but on Aryeh Oron's excellent Bach Cantata Website (http://www.bach-cantatas.com).  The page devoted to our editions can be found at http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Scores/IndexScores-IBC.htm.  We offer our heatfelt thanks to Mr. Oron for his support of our efforts.

We hope you enjoy our work, attend our performances, and make use of our editions. For further information concerning IBC, contact Gary Harney at info@immanuelbachconsort.org, or complete the form found here.

© Gary Harney 2016