Bach on a Budget

The goal of Bach on a Budget is to suggest movements from Bach's cantatas for performance either liturgically or in a concert setting, and to provide free editions of the music for a limited number of instruments.

Perhaps the two most common instrumentations are organ/keyboard alone, and 2 instruments with continuo.  The former best addresses the needs of those working in liturgical environments, while the second allows for performance of a significant amount of Bach's cantatas and cantata movements.

The lists found on the pages listed below are not meant to be exhaustive, but rather only suggestions.

For more information on the background and philosophy of Bach on a Budget, click here.

Choruses, Arias, and Duets with Organ

     • Continuo Choruses (those with only basso continuo or doubling instruments in the original)

     • Full Choruses (those with independent instrumental parts)

     • Expanded Chorales

     • "Simple +" Chorales (those which in form are simple chorales, but have obbligato instruments as well)

     • Arias with Organ

      Duets with Organ

Choruses, Arias, and Duets with 1 Obbligato Instrument and Organ/Continuo

     • Full Choruses for 1 Obbligato Instrument and Organ/Continuo

Choruses, Arias, and Duets with 2 Instruments and Continuo

      Full Choruses for 2 Obbligato Instruments and Organ/Continuo

Suggested Choruses with Fewer than 20 German Words

Full Cantatas

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